Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Whole Brain Teaching is Better When You Do it With a Friend

Today my class came up with new scoreboard titles. For smilies, I drew a smilie face swimming. When the students get a smilie point, I say "get ready to go swimming" and they pretend they are going to jump in the pool and shout "Cowabunga!"   For the frownie side, a student suggested "Wipe Out!" So if I put a frownie point, I say, "awe!! You fell off the surf board" and they shout "Wipe Out!"  I thought that it was pretty cool that my kids came up with suggestions!

After school today, another teacher at my school who is using WBT and I got together and discussed what parts of WBT we have been using and how far along we are. We are both really learning the classroom management parts right now. We decided that we will be working til the end of the year on Brain Toy strategies Question/Answer, Adder, and Conclusion. It was great sharing our WBT experiences.

In further WBT news, this was my second day with the Practice Cards. I sent home the practice letters with 5 students. We'll see if they get them signed. I was a little wary because I didn't send out a letter to parents letting them know I was going to be starting the new procedure so hopefully all will go well.

Power to the Teacher,
Karen Chavez

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  1. Awesome, I am new to whole brain teaching and can't wait to hear more of your ideas!