Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting started with level two of the scoreboard and working out the kinks of Mind Soccer

Yesterday I began using the practice cards for level two of the scoreboard. I sent home the practice letters with four students. Two didn't get returned, one came back signed but asking me to call, and one came back with a note saying how her child was definitely in need of more practice in making smart choices. The two nonreturns were told to bring them tomorrow and I called the parent. That turned out to be a very positive phone call :) I had only 2 students who needed to practice today. (Only one was a repeat customer.) far....ok.

On to Mind Soccer. We were in the midst of an exciting game where we were reviewing math concepts. One student shouted out that the other team was stupid, so I quickly shouted out,"Penalty shot." I let the other team answer a question and they made a "goal." I reminded them of positive trash talk. Then I asked them to give some positive trash talk. The negative student and 2 of his pals refused to participate, even after I encouraged them. After giving them a chance, I reminded everyone about keeping the ref happy and gave the ball to the other team. Mr Negative said, "this game is dumb." I quickly responded that he needed extra practice keeping his dear teacher happy and gave him a practice card so he will have to practice tomorrow at recess.

When he said that the game was dumb, several students cried out, "No its not. It's fun." And to think we were were reviewing for the state testing coming next week.

I decided that tomorrow at lunch I will have a meeting of my class leaders. We will discuss how they can help keep Mind Soccer fun by being positive and leading the positive trash talking. We'll see how it goes.

Tired but not giving up,
Karen Chavez

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