Thursday, April 28, 2011

Class Leaders and Trying to Master Mind Soccer

I decided to select what I call "class leaders" to help run the clssroom. I have slowly over the past 3 weeks selected exemplary students to do the following tasks: class...yes, hands and eyes, mirror, lines, and class rules.  I am telling my class that I am continually on the look out to select more class leaders. This approach is working for me because I now have the majority of my class working to become leaders.  Today, I had my first lunch time meeting with my "leaders" where I discussed with them the importance of being good role models for the rest of the class. They each shared what they thought they were good at. I specifically modeled for them how to do positive trash talk because yesterday I had problems with that in mind soccer. They practiced positive trash talking. We'll see how that goes when we play mind soccer again.

In reading class, we played a rousing game of mind soccer. I feel that I am getting better at managing the game. I am remembering to have the sides cheer and groan after each answer. I am refining how the sides answer. (shout out the answer once) and I am keeping up the pace. Today, we had a great game and everyone left feeling exhilarated.

Despite having to prepare for the state testing next week, mind soccer helped make this a pretty good day.

Karen Chavez

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