Monday, May 2, 2011

Lesson learned from trying to make a video

Over the past few weeks, I've been video taping myself using WBT with my class. The things that I learned while review the videos were not exactly what I expected to learn.  First of all, I learned that the camera really adds 10 pounds (at least) but only on me, not my students! Go figure. Second, I often forget to comb the back of my hair. Third, due to spontaneous menopausal hot flashes, I sweat a lot!! And finally, I use the word "ok" waaay too much! 

Kidding aside, I did learn a lot. I noticed that certain kids were not responding to my verbal and physical cues quickly. Also, I was not using the scoreboard enough. Of course, I was a bit nervous because I knew I was video taping myself, but viewing myself helped me to see where I need to work. Finally, as I reviewed a lesson on teaching about reference materials, I was able to see where I should have added the use of a brain toy, such as "an example popper."

Today I was very conscious of using the scoreboard more effectively and I had a big talk with my class about following directions quickly. I used a suggested dialogue that was discussed on the WBT forum to guide my talk about following directions as quick as lightening.

After Saturday's webinar on Brain Toys, I used invisible sock puppets to review pronouns..It went like this
Sock Puppet 1- What is a noun?
Sock Puppet 2- A noun is a person, place, or thing.
S P 1- What is an ex. of a noun?
S P 2- An ex. of a noun is lion?
SP1- What is a pronoun?
SP2- A pronouns takes the place of a noun
SP1- What pronoun takes the place of lion?
SP2- The pronoun it takes the place of lion.

I modeled-the students mirrored me.
Then they did Teach..Ok using their invisible sock puppets giving their own nouns and pronouns.
The fun level was high!

I also used the Brain Toy arm world as we reviewd sequencing for the state testing.
There was a lot of WBT strategies being used, but these two were hightlights for me because I am struggling to use more brain toys.

An update on my level two practice board:  Today being Monday, I had 3 students who forgot to get their parent letters signed. They had to come in and practice at each recess. I reminded them that they need to bring in their letters or they will continue to have to come in to practice.

We start state testing tomorrow. Send good wishes my way please.

Karen Chavez
Dieting today so that I'll look better in my next video attempt.

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  1. Karen....weren't the hand puppets SO, SO fun! I just posted about those as well. I have to say I do like the way you write your posts.

    I replied to a comment you left on my blog but was finding an easy way to just e-mail it to you!?!

    I will post it here. Let me know if you need something else! Thanks!

    Class/Yes--with Clapping Option!

    teacher: "Class"

    class: "Yes"

    teacher: "Clap once and then twice"

    class: Claps once quick pause and then claps twice.

    The variations on how many times and what they "hit" are endless.

    Below is there favorite. This is where they incorporate banging their desk and/or floor....TRY IT!!

    teacher: "Clap twice and desk once!"

    Always Another Day in Paradise!